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Clean packaging

Clean packaging designed to prevent dust particles and other contaminants

MZ-AL Damp-proofing aluminum film

Class 100 M.ZERO Range

Cleaning and the manufacturing of bags is carried out in the class 100 clean room.

clean room

Polyethylene and laminated products being washed and manufactured in the clean Class 100 environment.

MZ-PE (Additive-free polyethylene)
MZ-PE (Additive-free polyethylene)
Additive-free clean film.
MZ-AL (Damp-proofing aluminum film)
MZ-AL (Damp-proofing aluminum film)
Protects precision parts from oxygen and vapor.
Oxygen permeance of under 0.1cc/ m2
Vapor permeance of under 0.1g/ m2
(Additive-free shockproof polyethylene )
MZ-AS (Additive-free shockproof polyethylene )
By using high-polymer shockproofing the humidity dependence is extremely low giving stable resistance for almost any use. (Surface resistance lower than 10^11 ohms)
(Transparent barrier film)
MZ-TB (Transparent barrier film)
Protects precision parts against oxygen and vapor.
Oxygen permeance of 0.3cc/ m2
Vapor permeance of 0.15g/ m2
Manufacturing Process (example)

Protective film for medicines

The protective film for medicines is created in the Class 10,000 clean room.

The class 100,000 clean room is kept under constant control

The resin is filled with nitrogen to stop it from getting burnt (by preventing oxidation)

Main uses

Protective film for medicines

Piping specifications

Paper piping for protection against dust, ABS piping, PVC piping