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Food packaging

ISO accredited goods made in Japan!

Special-order products

Custom-made packaging designed to meet specific needs.

Laminates and polyethylene goods are manufactured in our factories under the strictest of quality control standards.

We also carry out inflation molding, laminate processing, rotogravure printing, slit processing, bag making and other manufacturing.


Standard range of laminate goods. Goods can also be made with small slots and can be delivered on short notice.

i-Pack S
Vacuum packs for boiling (30 minutes at 95℃).
i-Pack N
A bag able to be vacuum packed.
i-Pack SK
A bag that acts as a solid barrier to enzymes, used for boiling.
i-Pack RT
Bag designed for boil-in-the-bag food (30minutes at 120℃)
i-Pack Y
A lighter version of i-Pack N