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Carry it around smartly and elegantly. Kalis series make you look stylish and beautiful while working in the office. The stylish flat board with a magnet clip and the hardcover document case are slender and fit easily in your bag. The gold accent makes them look refined and you would like to carry them around in addition to your workbag. Kalis Magnet Clip Board fits perfectly in Kalis Document Case.

Magnet Clip Board

Product Dimensions W228×H315×D5mm
Quantity per Carton 30
Gross Weight per Carton 7 kg
Carton Dimensions W190×H335×D250mm

Document Case Limited in Quantity

Product Dimensions W325×H234×D19mm
Quantity per Carton 20
Gross Weight per Carton 8.5 kg
Carton Dimensions W340×H250×D430mm

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