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What's NuRIEroll

NuRIEroll is a brand new form of NuRIE, which is rolled in a scroll. Scroll and color it while enjoying stories, or roll it down on the floor to color with your friends and family. You can use the 2 different scales (cm/inch) to measure lots of things up to 2280mm. Spread out to color the horizontal Animal Lab and measure your heights with the vertical Tree Treats.
Have a LONG term excitement with this LONG NuRIEroll!!

  • NU-R1
    ANIMAL LABThe world of wondering does an animal really look like this.
  • NU-R2
    TREE TREATSClimb the long tree and discover adventures!
Product Dimensions W180×H2280mm
Quantity per Carton 40
Gross Weight per Carton 8 kg
Carton Dimensions W330×H420×D450mm

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