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Mini Letters

  • re-PL1
    Plune. Mini Letters
    Drawn Hearts

  • re-PL2
    Plune. Mini Letters
    Flower Garden

  • re-PL3
    Plune. Mini Letters

  • re-PL4
    Plune. Mini Letters
    Bow Ties

  • re-PL7
    Plune. Mini Letters
    Colorful Windows

  • re-PL8
    Plune. Mini Letters
    Yellow Flowers
  • A miniature stationary set to hand over your message or accompany gifts.
  • Coming in a handy zipper pouch to carry it around.
  • The zipper pouch makes it easy to carry.
  • Still useful even after the contents are gone.
Product Dimensions [envelope] W90×H60mm
[letter paper] W83×H110mm
[zipper bag] W110×H148mm
Quantity per Carton 160
Gross Weight per Carton 5 kg
Carton Dimensions W315×H260×D250mm

Stationery Set

  • Ribbons
    Plune. Stationery Set
  • Apples
    Plune. Stationery Set
  • Blocks
    Plune. Stationery Set
  • Modern
    Plune. Stationery Set
  • Stationery set with a matching clear filing folder.
  • The folder not only keeps the envelopes and the papers together, it is also durable for another use after the contents are gone.
  • The A5 size folder fits in your bag easily and is handy to carry around some small paper documents.
Product Dimensions [envelope] W162×H114mm
[letter paper] W148×H210mm
[folder] W155×H222mm
Quantity per Carton 120
Gross Weight per Carton 10 kg
Carton Dimensions W480×H140×D380mm

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